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I'm Alex Chicas. This is my school website for all of my SLAM class multimedia projects. Here on the Home page, you can find my most recent work, If you want to see all my work thus far, visit the other pages under SLAM 2020-21. This year, as a senior, I'm in Advanced Multimedia, a.k.a. Multimedia 2, as part of SLAM's 3 year program, and of course, it's all about making videos and the techniques on how to do 'em right! Please visit any of the given pages for my work thus far! (2019-)

Everything is filmed, edited, and created by me and other SLAM students who may have been a part of each project.

choice project final: covid-19 views of 6yr olds


The final project of our quarter (semester): a choice project! For my choice project, I decided to interview my family friends' twin daughters, Hannah & Camilla about their views on COVID-19. We filmed this away on our little family friend retreat from our homes since we've all been quarantining together since the great quarantine began. They were super excited to be interviewed and now they think that everyone will see this and they'll become superstars!

l i g h t

Light Photo

I took this photo while I was out getting sandwiches with my dad at Quiznos. We were eating on our tailgate when I remembered I had an assignment due the next day! Then I saw the sun was right overhead at about 13:00 and it was shining nicely through the leaves! I got a few shots, getting more street or more sky in the photos, but overall this one with the sun shining visibly onto the leaves makes them look that bright green that everyone thinks leaves should be!