Professional passion project

The Professional Passion Project video! One of the first videos we got to working on this year! This was just a little rushed on my part and not my best work, but I still enjoyed making it and had a blast. My dad helped me film on the drone he was flying while I was driving, and most of the other clips were filmed courtesy of my friend Rip who helped me film! We were able to film all in a day, but the editing took a bit to get right. Overall, I like the finished product!

thoughts about the world project

This project was a bit difficult. For a number of reasons, but after completely rewriting my voiceover and re-recording it, I was able to come up with a better plan for what I wanted. It turned out better than I thought it would, as this specific video didn't capture my interest as much, but after the editing process, it's grown on me. I hope I've made something that will be relatable for those who watch it. The world is in a difficult spot, and for some, it's difficult to talk about. I hope this connects with at least one person. I'll have done my job.

choice project final: covid-19 views of 6yr olds

The final project of our quarter (semester): a choice project! For my choice project, I decided to interview my family friends' twin daughters, Hannah & Camilla about their views on COVID-19. We filmed this away on our little family friend retreat from our homes since we've all been quarantining together since the great quarantine began. They were super excited to be interviewed and now they think that everyone will see this and they'll become superstars!