B-Roll Video

Jemmiel's Video

Jemmiel took a route similar to mine and put some nice music behind it with a funny ending. (Watch near the end for about 2 seconds of explicit language, fyi)

Tasha's Video

Tasha took the more adventurous route. She went full Sicko Mode and made a meme video. I will say its well edited and pretty funny. It's also the video our group chose to present to the class out of the 3 of us.

Power Outage documentary

This is our documentary about the PG&E power outages in California. We had a production team consisting of me, Miranda, Natasha, Jemmiel, Laurel, and Kathy, and together we conducted interviews, collected b-roll, and used C-Span news footage to put together a documentary. It had a lot of challenges within it, especially corrupted audio files and production scheduling with all of our conflicting schedules. We all had sports and other extra-curricular activities going on at the time of production, so it was very difficult to plan.
Overall, I think all of our documentaries turned out fairly well.

SLAM! Promo video


From the academy that brings you multimedia joy, comes a Promo Video!

We had the option of experimental or promotional videos that could be made about any topic of our choice, so Natasha and I decided to promote SLAM! 

If you're thinking about joining SLAM or even if you just don't know much about what it is, this is a nice short SLAM-esk introduction. 

This video outlines what SLAM is and a little bit about what we do, all while showing off some SLAM spirit.

More coming soon!